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DWP, PC software

DataWatchPro is an advanced software with a permanent data base recorder making for an easy expansion of the display capacity, analysis, recording and control of one or various universal modules and their features. It is made up of multiple modules for graphic display and process, easy process programming, with many possibilities for programming the relays with parameter level alarms in time-slot. 7-channel oscilloscope; 7-channel,64-harmonic spectrum; graphics of all parameters; independent notices via e-mail of all measurement alarms, etc, etc.


Oscilloscope event-logger

Not available on this product

Harmonics spectrum

Manual control relays

Automation / telecontrol

Numerical data analysis

Graphical data analysis

Graphic display (quick scan)

Daily analysis

Graphical plotter (extended period graphical analysis)

Energy analysis

General configuration

Readings configuration

Alarm configuration (alerts via e-mail)